WeAreCoders Ltd is incorporated!

7365636 may not mean much to anyone except for me and Matt, but it is a very, very exciting number for us. It is the company number of our new venture WeAreCoders.com.

We’ve been plotting and planning the launch of WeAreCoders for the past few months whilst we’ve been finishing our contracts at the BBC, where we were working together on the Media Playout Component of the website

So months of planning and discussing and designing (don’t give us too much of a hard time on the design, we are coders after all) and we’ve got the website, the blog and the company all up an running. Now to answer that all important question.

What does WeAreCoders do?

In a nutshell WeAreCoders is going to supply teams of freelancers to clients to fulfill their projects. But its going to be much more than that. The key is that all the freelancers we work with are people we have worked with before, have been recommended to us or me or Matt have talked to directly. So we know that they are good, we know that the team will gel and we can focus on the job of writing outstanding code for fantastic projects and products.

If you are interested in talking to us about supplying a team for your project then we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coder looking to join our growing team of freelancers have a look for the easter egg email address on this or our main company site and get in touch.

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Some of the companies our team have worked with :

Some of the companies our team have worked with